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National Association of Palliative Care for AYUSH & Integrative Medicine

NAPCAIM aims to alleviate the sufferings of patients and demonstrate that “there is always something which can be done” whenever required not only in early course of disease progression but even to a terminally ill patient integrating AYUSH Interventions in Palliative Care thus intending to “add LIFE into the Days, not just DAYS into the life”, of the patients suffering from terminal illnesses like Cancer by improving their “quality of life”. We all know that Palliative Care is the “CARE BEYOND CURE” or “CARING FOR THE UNCARED”.
NAPCAIM welcomes you all to apply for Life Membership of State / City Chapters


National Association of Palliative Care for AYUSH & Integrative Medicine (NAPCAIM) shall work for alleviating the sufferings of the patients through the integration of Modern Medicine with AYUSH and empowering the AYUSH Doctors to practise Palliative Care across India and Abroad.


“लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनोभवंतु “

About Us

India has a rich heritage of thousands of years old Medical Systems like “AYURVEDA – The Science of Life”, “SIDDHA – The Perfect One” along with “Yoga for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health” later followed by Unani and Homeopathy together is known as AYUSH.

National Association of Palliative Care for AYUSH and Integrative Medicine aims to develop AYUSH Interventions in Palliative Care in response to the urgent requirement of integrating all modalities of treatments with Modern Medicine, to attain the Goal No. 3 of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 i.e. “Good Health and Well Being”.

AYUSH Interventions in Palliative Care

According to WHO, one in five people suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain and one in three are unable to maintain an independent lifestyle due to their pain. Roughly 60% of the people with chronic pain are unable to enjoy normal sleep, perform household chores, attend social activities, drive a car, walk or have sexual relations. The effect of pain means that relationships with family and friends are strained or broken.

Since ages, global social evolution leads to the development of different medical systems and beliefs. Rise of evidence-based medicines changed the scenario and brought the mysteries to social limelight. India has abundance of its medicinal wealth used successfully for ages till replaced by modern system of medicine.
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