The Unani arrangement of medication depends on the Greek way of thinking.  . Ibn-e-Sina is popularly known as Avicenna, one of the greatest scholars of Unani Tibb (medicine) who defined Unani medicine as: “It is the science in which we learn various conditions of the body in wellbeing and when not in wellbeing and the methods by which wellbeing is probably going to be lost and when lost, is probably going to be reestablished”.  It was known to be discovered from Persia/Middle East Asia.

  • The fundamental hypothesis of the Unani framework depends on the notable four-humor hypothesis of Hippocrates. This surmises the nearness, in the assemblage of four senses of humor viz., blood, mucus, yellow bile, and dark bile. 
  • The quality and quantity of these four humours affect the state of health and disease in the body.
  •  It is also believed that their techniques are very unique and work very effectively causing limited side effects.
  •  According to this customary framework, the human body is made out of four essential components; earth, air, water, and fire having cool, hot, wet, and dry dispositions separately
  • Unani comes under one of those modes where people can also receive gentle treatments for improving their quality of life and preventing iatrogenic problems.
  • Unani somehow is similar to Ayurveda,another form of medicine which originated in medicine.
  • Today in India, it is not only used in herbal remedies, dietary practices but also very effective in the detection, prevention, and treatment of the disease.

Recent research in Unani has been known to tackle diseases like Cataract, arthritis, and mental disorders. In a world where chronic illness is getting common day by day and with the extreme side effects of the industrially produced allopathic medicines people tend to move towards those modes which are given less side effects .Due to higher prices of allopathic medicines, people seek them as a source of remedy even today.

  • It helps with headaches and prevents migraine problems in our body.
  • Unani medication tends to counteraction and treatment of diseases like arthritis,Cataracts and mental disorders

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