The Siddha system of medicine is an ancient system of medication that originated in south India and is one of India’s oldest systems of medicines. This system is based on ancient medical practices and spiritual disciplines. It is believed that the system was developed during the Indus valley civilization, which is tracked to have flourished between 2500 and 1700 BC. And it came to south India when the Dravidian people, who may have been the original inhabitants of Indus valley, migrated southward. 

  • Siddhars were known as the practitioners of Siddha medicine in ancient times. 
  • According to Tamil tradition, 18 siddhars are known to have contributed towards the systematic development of this system. It is believed that these siddhars have gained their knowledge of the Siddha system directly from deity Shiva.
  •  Siddhars held that the objective of their study was to preserve and prolong life. To achieve so, it was required for humans to live according to the laws made by nature.
  • The Siddha system brings into focus the 5 elements that exist in nature: earth, water, fire, ether, and air, and all these 5 elements form the original basis of all mortal beings. 
  • Siddhars accepted that a sound soul must be created through a solid body. So they created techniques and prescriptions to reinforce their physical body and in this manner their spirits.
  • In the Siddha system, man is viewed as a microcosm and the universe as a macrocosm which means that man is a miniature universe in himself. What exists in the universe exists in man. 

Today the government is taking several steps to promote Siddha system. The Tamil Nadu government runs a course in Siddha medication named as BSMS (Bachelor in Siddha Medicine and Surgery). The Indian Government has also established medical colleges and research centers, for eg., National Institute of Siddha and Central Council for Research in Siddha for carrying out the practices and strengthening the Siddha system of medicine.


  • Its  main aim is to restore balance in our body.
  • All Siddha medicines are natural and do not produce any side effects in the body.
  • In order to take the Siddha medicine, diet and lifestyle always play important roles to cure our diseases.
  • It plays a good role in the fight against viral diseases, chronic inflammation, functional disorders etc.

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