India has a rich heritage of thousands of years old Medical Systems like “AYURVEDA – The Science of Life”, “SIDDHA – The Perfect One” along with “Yoga for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health” later followed by Unani and Homeopathy together is known as AYUSH. 

National Association of Palliative Care for AYUSH and Integrative Medicine aims to develop AYUSH Interventions in Palliative Care in response to the urgent requirement of integrating all modalities of treatments with Modern Medicine, to attain the Goal No. 3 of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 i.e.  “Good Health and Well Being”.

Sharing Empathy and Compassion is what we look forward to. In spite of the fact that we all have it in plenty, however, it is always used in a  miserly manner although it does not cost most of the time. Little do we realize that the more we spend it, the more shall it grow to enlighten our lives with happiness and self-satisfaction! 

Palliative Care is just not a science, but a fine art, where the basic qualification needed for it is ‘compassion’ and “empathy”.

We acknowledge the importance of indigenous and traditional therapies like AYUSH & other modalities of healing like aromatherapy, music therapy, drama therapy, ritualistic methods of healing, etc. as all of them have a very important role to play in Palliation as the concept being ‘holistic’.

Reflect back on those tender moments of bliss & healing when you were feverish, lying in the lap of your mother, as she gently tousled your hair with her fingers or her blissful kiss after every injury gave a miraculous healing touch … Exactly my friends, that was the birth of Palliative Care!

So, let us all get together to bring about a sense of meaning & purpose to our existence by understanding the fact that by helping others, we heal our own selves…..

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